PolyMark™ Polymer Blending

M.W. Watermark’s PolyMark™ polymer blending system delivers a high level of control and precision without sacrificing user-friendliness. It’s simple – the blending system combines undiluted liquid emulsion polymer with a stream of water. Then, the machine’s operator can adjust the easy-to-use controls to regulate flow application as necessary.


Our extensive line of PolyMark™ polymer blending units feature options with solution flow rates from 25 gph to 2400 gph and neat polymer flow rates from 0.05 gph to 60 gph in order to suit a variety of applications.

Additionally, while the most basic PolyMark™ model features a DC (Direct Control) controller unit with on, off and remote control features, more advanced models employ SFC (Solution Flow Control) controllers, which offer:

  • Touch screens with remote control capability
  • Trending display of water flows, polymer rate and percent concentration
  • Configurable startup and shutdown processes
  • Fully automated primary and post-dilution flow control


Polymark Polymer Blending System

In addition to providing new PolyMark™ equipment, we also carry parts to repair or maintain existing equipment. M.W. Watermark parts are designed to be seamlessly interchangeable with other leading brand units. We keep many spare and replacement parts in stock and can usually ship the same day ordered. We can also supply replacement parts for our PolyMark Legacy™ equipment as well as other traditional-design models. For more information, please review our PolyMark Polymer Blending Brochure or contact us.

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